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Why E-Mail Marketing Needs To Be At The Forefront of your Marketing Strategy in 2022

Updated: May 3, 2022

Recently I heard someone state that email marketing was so 2010 and wasn't worth the time because no one was interested in it anymore. She then mentioned she deleted her entire list of 60,000 subscribers.

To be honest I died a little bit on the inside when I heard this, because in my own head I was thinking 'what went wrong'.

See E-mail has always been a winner for me and for my clients. It has never failed to add sales revenue with minimal effort; and considering how the ecommerce landscape has changed recently, not to mention paid advertising is no longer a cash grab, email marketing is possibly THE most important thing you can do to help increase long term sales growth for your store.

Getting someone to opt in to your email list, indicates that this person is open to hearing from you and your store. They are a prospect who is engaged with your brand, and if the subscribe offer is a discount or free shipping etc it's a pretty big bet that they intend to purchase from you at some point

Email allows you to nurture that prospective customer and build your connection with them so that when the times comes for them to buy they are comfortable giving you their money.

Remember it usually takes someone 7 or more interactions with your brand before they will buy from you and email is a great way to increase someone's touchpoints with your brand. Not only this but a post purchase win back flow is an effective way to re-market to previous buyers. It's far easier to get someone to purchase from you a second time than it is to get them to make that initial purchase, especially if they have had a positive experience the first time round.

In 2022 the paid advertising landscape has changed, ever since Apple introduced their privacy updates advertisers are missing a whole lotta data that we need to make marketing decisions. Plus ads are twice as expensive now compared to 2021, so how do we keep advertising costs low but still bring in customers? With e-mail of course. It's far cheaper to bring in traffic to your site or page than to go for a purchase every time. And if we can work out the return off our welcome flow per subscriber and our customer lifetime value then we can work out how much we are willing to pay for a subscriber.

I have one client who's return on their welcome flow is currently sitting at $10, If I paid $2 for a subscriber to sign up to their welcome flow that's still a return of 8 on the ad spend and that doesn't take into account any future purchases.

In addition a well oiled pre-sale sign up and work wonders for your return, whether that's for a new release or a once a year sale. During last years Black Friday sale we ran a list builder for a client and spent $200 for 220 signups. That list came back with over $1,000 in sales and had a ROAS of 8. It's money well spent, and far cheaper than trying to optimise for purchase conversions all the time (seriously they cost a bomb currently).

Once we include the rest of the email automations we can set up, such as abandoned cart, re-engagement and regular direct mail outs; email becomes imperative to sales growth and the best bit, it's relatively easy once you get the hang of it.

So the one thing you can do, right now to future proof your business; is to get your email list happening. Find something you can offer your audience to entice them to sign up, make sure you have your welcome flow set up and send at least one email to your engaged subscribers once a month. It doesn't have to be a sales email, it can be a quick update, information or education based just as long as you are trying to engage your customer list.

And make sure you have your abandoned cart emails on! 7 out of 10 people abandon their cart so winning a few of these people back into your store and into the checkout can make a big difference to sales volume.

And finally....If you email isn't performing as well as you'd like. For example, your signup page is less than 5%, you have low open and click through rates then start experimenting with different sign up offers, different headlines copy and different CTA's, and get very clear on your customer journey, their pain points and the transformation your product can bring.

If you are ready to get your email marketing sorted; we have a full suite of packages available, which you can check out here:

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