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Lessons Learned from an 18k Black Friday Campaign

It's been a minute now since we wrapped up our Black Friday campaigns and what a week it was!

One of my clients smashed out 18k in sales over a week and I wanted to share with you some of the strategy that contributed to her success so you can try for yourself next time you have a sale or launch event (lets face it, Boxing Day is right around the corner).

1. Audience Warm Up

Not enough people actually warm their audience up prior to a big event. It's estimated that 80% of consumers make their mind up what they are going to spend their money on in the weeks leading up to Black Friday - and yes this will be the same for our Boxing Day sales FWIW I already know I'm buying a washing machine this year and now I'm researching which one I want.

Spend 1-2 weeks on socials dropping hints that something BIG is coming. In the last week you can let them know exactly what your offer will be.

2. List Building

We diverted some of the monthly ad spend into list building for Black Friday. We spent just over $200 and had 102 signups for the sale. Anyone who signs up to a list is HOT and ready to buy. Our tiny list gave us around 1k in sales from a single email last week plus more from some of the other emails we sent out.

3. Your Offer

The best results right now are coming from really strong offers. Not 15% off, not buy one get one but 40% off or more, stock clearouts, seconds sales etc. We had a very strong offer of 70% off seconds stock, and there was still some margin left in them for profit.

4. E-mail, E-mail and more E-mail

Not enough emphasis is placed on email marketing IMHO.

If you are list building make sure you have a small welcome sequence in place. Send an email out to your lists early in the sale week and let them know when your sale starts and what will be on sale. This gives them ample time to browse and make their buying decisions before your sale even starts.

You also need to email multiple times during the event. I usually suggest one on opening night, one 24-48 hours after, one 48hrs before the sale ends and one the day the sale ends.

5. Decide Early on if you are going to run ads for your sale or promotion

Plan your audiences and creatives out early and schedule them in. It's not unheard of for Facebook to crash in peak times or take longer than usual to approve campaigns. Also budget for some extra money in your ads funnel, especially at the top of the funnel as you can retarget these people with your offer once it is live.

6. Don't forget your socials

Remember the average reach for a social media account is only around 10% of the audience size. You will need to make multiple posts/stories/videos to let your audience know about your sale.

The biggest thing to remember is to map out your sale or event in advance and make sure you have covered all your bases.

And remember even if your result isn't what you hoped, there will always be something to learn which you can take with you on your next campaign event.

Danielle x

Black Friday Klaviyo Campaign Snapshot

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