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Apple IOS 15 E-Mail Marketing Update

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Because as if all the IOS 14 updates weren’t enough, Apple recently released it’s ios15 update.

Yep another Apple update affecting online businesses worldwide.

This time Facebook and Google managed to dodge a bullet and it’s our email systems which will bear the brunt of this one.

What does the latest Apple Update Change?

After updating to IOs 15 Apple users will be able to make changes to their Apple Mail privacy including:

1. Turning of email open tracking

2. Hiding their IP address – Cloud + subscribers only

3. Hiding their e-mail address – cloud+ subscribers only

Considering Apple has around a 50% share of mobile phone users here in Australia and a 35% share of email suite users this means your e-mail marketing metrics may be a little bit unreliable.

It also means email automation flows with specific triggers such as ‘opened an email’ won’t work the same way anymore, re-engagement will become more difficult as we won’t have the open rate data is compromised, and you won’t be able to clean up your list based off engagement.

So what can you do?

First and foremost some of us will need to change the metrics we use to track how successful an email campaign is.

Clickrates are now king. If you have any automations or flows set up based on open rate or engagement rate these will need to be changed to click rate and purchase activity. The click rate or amount of traffic to your website an email generates should be a main goal for e-commerce stores anyway so this isn’t a huge change.

What you can do is start to track which blog posts/products or offers generate the most traffic and then which ones generate the most sales. Once you have this data available you should be able to tailor your email content and offers for your subscribers.

Make use of email segmentation. Segmenting your customers into groups based on purchase history is a great way to put specific offers directly in front of those most likely to click and convert.

Consider using SMS marketing, push notifications and messenger campaigns. These actually generate some great ROI and is a great way to diversify your marketing strategy.

Recent surveys indicate that 85% of consumers prefer to communicate with their favourite brands via sms or messenger as they can communicate quickly and effectively and have any questions they have answered then and there; plus it’s a far more personal experience compared to other forms of marketing.

Like all the other IOS updates, businesses will need to be able to adapt and take some new approaches to their marketing once the new updates hit the majority of Apple users.

While this one won’t create the bumps we saw with the ios 14 updates, we still need to make some changes in order to stay on top of our marketing game.

In the end it may not be a bad thing, trying new things and diversifying your marketing strategy is a great way to set your business up for long term success.

If you need a hand with your e-mail marketing, whether it’s getting set up in the first place or are more in depth audit and revamp of your current strategy we have 1:1 support and packages available. The easiest place to start is with a free strategy session.

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